Parents must add their name to our online waiting list form (free of charge) by visiting our 'Fees/Enrollment' section. We will contact parents from our waiting list to come for tours once we have space available. We are in the process of expanding and creating more child care spaces so there is a very good chance that you will be able to enroll!

We recommend that parents bring a completed and printed registration package (no electronic copies - see below) to secure their spot if they decide to enroll during the tour.

You can also learn more about our program by reading the parent's package document (daycare procedures, policies and activities).

           To Enroll, please click here




 How to Register

 Financial Assistance

Please note that Komel's Daycare has been incorporated into Little Munchkin Daycare, please visit This webpage is no longer up to date.

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Komel's Daycare

Subsidies applications are available to assist families to pay their day care fees as outlined below:

The B.C. Child Care Subsidy is income-tested and available to all B.C. families who are eligible based on their income; during certain instances, subsidy application can cover up to the entire cost of daycare. Eligibility for the B.C. Child Care Subsidy is assessed by the Ministry of Human Resources. The B.C. Child Care Subsidy is administered by that ministry.

To apply, please visit below: