Early Learners (3-5 Years)

For the 3-5 years age group, we gear towards more formal learning outcomes such as alphabets, counting and songs. Group activities along with enhanced social and cognitive skills are the main focus of this program. Teachers develop and adapt individual programs by observing and listening to children. Through this emergent curriculum plan, children are given the opportunity to decide what they would like to learn thus building a foundation for success and life-long learning.This unique curriculum is designed to get children involved with experiences that enhance their learning in areas such as language, early literacy, literature, music, movement, art, and socialization. Through play, all areas of development are enhanced.

We aim to develop and foster the potential in every child through an enriched, nurturing and safe early learning environment. The IT program offer full-time and part-time care for children ages 0-36 months and we work in concert with families and the local community to develop children who are caring, capable and enthusiastic about the world around them.  We augment each day with personalized curriculum which includes pre-literacy and reading, artistic expression, music, movement, science and exploration and language. Offering care to both infants and toddlers, we incorporate equipments and toys which provide texture, sounds and offers a range of different sensory experiences. Nurturing caregivers support the child while they are exploring, whether it’s through finger painting, playing with blocks, listening to songs or engaging in story-time. We help children become comfortable and secure in a new group setting and independent of primary family members. As infant development emerges, additional learning outcomes include such things as self-feeding skills, labeling body parts and enhanced coordination.

Transitioning from infants to early-learners (i.e. toddler), self-directed play becomes an important theme in this program; learning outcomes of our toddler program include language development, socialization, self-help and fine motor skills. Language development is promoted in a variety of ways such as labeling the surrounding environment, repetition of emerging vocabulary, in addition to other personalized goals. All of this contributes to toddlers becoming confident learners.    

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Please note that Komel's Daycare has been incorporated into Little Munchkin Daycare, please visit www.littlemunchkindaycare.ca. Please note that this webpage is no longer up to date.

 Infant-Toddler (IT) Program (0-36 months)