Q: What are the type of programs that you offer? What is the difference between the Family Licensed Daycare and Infant-Toddler program?

We have two types of programs: Infant-Toddler Program (Little Munchkin Daycare) and Family Licensed Daycare (Komel's Daycare). Infant-Toddler program (Little Munchkin) is a group childcare centre for ages between 0-3 years old (all staff have Early Childhood Education with a manager on each floor who specializes in the Infant-Toddler (IT) age group - our child to staff ratio is 4:1). Family Licensed Daycare (Komel's Daycare) is a licensed family daycare based in a family/residential environment with an age range from 0-5 years old. The required child to staff ratio is 7:1 since age of the children are older. To learn more about how we started - please visit our 'About Us' webpage.

Q: How long is the waiting list and are there any charges associated with adding my name to waiting list?

Our waiting list can be long, however, we are in the process of expanding and creating more child care spaces so there is a very good chance that you will be able to enroll  (please remember to add your name to our online waiting by visiting the 'Fees/Waiting List' page). We do not charge any fees associated with adding your name to the waiting list. 

Q: Do you provide snacks/lunches?

We provide snacks two times a day: mid-day (an hour before lunch time) and once in the later afternoon. We usually incorporate a healthy variety of options for our snacks options (fruits, veggies, cheese, etc). Our snacks are meant to supplements the lunches which are provided by parents. 

Q: How do you collect payment?

We collect payment through pre-authorized debit through partnership with Rotessa (third party payment solutions) which can be setup online. 

Q: My child is new to daycare or requires time to adjust - how does that work?

We usually recommend a 3 day integration schedule [i.e. first 3 days of attendance] before commencing full-time: 1st day = 1.5 hours, 2nd day = 3 hours, 3rd day = 5 hours. However, please note that this is flexible and you can adjust it accordingly with staff at the centre. Full payment is required regardless of numbers of hours/days attended.

Q: How does the refundable deposit work?

We require a refundable deposit (70% of the monthly full-time fee) at the time of registration to hold the child's space between the time of registration and the date when care commences. This deposit fee will be fully refunded during the last month of attendance at the daycare. In the scenario where the contract is terminated before care starts - the deposit fee is non-refundable. Furthermore, failure to provide 60 day advance notice before termination of care will render the deposit non-refundable. 

Q: What is the registration process?

You will first need to add your name to our waiting list. Once we have space available, we will contact parents from our waiting list to come for tours. Spots are allocated based on a first come, first register basis. We require a completed registration package for the program you are applying towards (located under 'Tours & Enrollment' webpage) on the first day of attendance. There is a registration charge of $245.00 for enrollment and we require a refundable deposit (70% of the monthly full-time fee). 




   To Enroll, please click here

Please note that Komel's Daycare has been incorporated into Little Munchkin Daycare, please visit www.littlemunchkindaycare.ca. Please note

that this webpage is not longer up to date.

Q: When is the daycare closed? How about if parents go on vacation?

Please refer to 'Daycare Closures' webpage for daycare closure dates [we are closed on all stat holidays + 12 days (summer/winter holidays) and 2 Pro-D days in a calendar year - full payment is still required]. Parents must pay the full amount if they go on vacation to keep their spot reserved.